(September 22, 2015)
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Summary: Saving energy in greenhouses is an important issue for growers. Here, we present a method to minimize the total energy that is required to heat and cool a greenhouse. Using this method, the grower can define bounds for temperature, humidity, CO2¬†concentration, and the maximum amount of CO2¬†available. Given these settings, optimal control techniques can be […]
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(June 11, 2015)
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Summary: In a modern greenhouse there are a number of alternative systems that can be deployed to control the climate, and the choice what to use and when is not easy for the grower. A novel management system is proposed, consisting of an energy input minimizing module, and a module to realise the determined input with […]
(May 31, 2013)
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Summary: Microalgae productivity in tubular photobioreactors depends on algae species, location, tube diameter, biomass concentration, distance between tubes and for vertically stacked systems, the number of horizontal tubes per stack. A simulation model for horizontal and vertically stacked horizontal tubular reactors was made to quantify the effect of these decision variables on production yield. The model […]
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